Reliable Naturobot
turns on your automation now

Execute the "automated process" built by the editor locally to ensure the safe, stable, and reliable operation of the application
Support schedule job management, provide user with simple manipulation
You can view running information such as application running results and run logs
Start your automation journey with one click and explore more possibilities in "App Store"
Reliable Naturobot

Naturobot Virtual Desktop
Run application processes independently

Manual operation won't be affected by automation workflow, to achieve a multi-purpose machine, maximize the uses of resources

Standalone desktop runtime environment
Enable the PIP(picture in picture) to run automation applications without affecting computer operations
The virtual desktop automatically starts with the process and disappears automatically after runs, without any additional settings
Support common Windows versions
Naturobot Virtual Desktop

Mutil-mode automation trigger for process running

Make daily work efficient and orderly wiht software connecter

Building automation application by manual triggerred or event triggerred
The automation connector can be used in the process to monitor events in real time for 24 hours
Software connector accounts are created and managed in Studio Editor to meet the requirements of automated process execution
Mutil-mode automation trigger for process running

Powerful Naturobot
give full play to the performance of the computer

Set the queuing mode to automatically queue applications
Support the development and management of multiple planned tasks
View application running results and logs with one click
Screen playback function, to provide effective problem location
Powerful Naturobot

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