How to stand out from many businesses has become the key to the development of catering enterprises!
Catering enterprises are involved in the reception cashier system, warehousing system, logistics system, personnel system, membership system, supply chain system and other modules according to different formats, which have strong functionality, but there is a widespread phenomenon of large and shallow, and each system cannot achieve common, so it is necessary to manually input the data of one system into another system to increase the workload of manual management. Naturobot open up the ecological link of catering management to achieve accurate data operation!


Automatic check of payment daily statement
The robot logs into the background of dozens of merchant service systems, automatically queries and downloads the daily report of transaction details, and then generates the daily report of payment collection and verification through data integration and comparison, realizes the check of data sources one by one, and generates an email to send with one click.
Automating merchandising
Through the event trigger, when the approval of the application for the goods on the shelves is approved, the robot will be automatically triggered to log in the Meituan/Ele. me merchant background, obtain the information of the goods to be put on the shelf on the form, input the information of the goods, record the results of the goods on the shelf and send them to the Dingtalk group to remind the relevant responsible person, saving 40 hours/month.
Purchase and storage automation
After the Dingtalk side procurement application is approved, Naturobot automatically obtains the procurement system information and checks it, automatically reconculates the procurement details with the supply chain bill, and automatically sends the results to Dingtalk group after the comparison is completed, and the procurement information is automatically summarized into a chart and synchronized to the comprehensive management department.

Automation Effect

Labor cost savings of 38%
Simplify the manual operation steps, Naturobot connect all kinds of systems, and realize the simple and repetitive work of robots instead of manual operation.
100% automation
The whole process is automatically executed by the robot, and the accuracy is improved. As long as the system logic is accurate, the robot will run without data errors.
Reduce time cost by 60 hours/month
Reduce manual entry errors and associated error correction costs, resulting in high-quality output and less rework for the enterprise.