Within the hospital, there are numerous systems lacking integration, leading to independent and opaque data. Medical staff must repetitively manually input extensive patient records, medical orders, and examination information across different business systems, consuming significant time and effort.
Naturobot can assist in facilitating data flow between multiple systems through UI automation and calling existing interfaces. This helps reduce the repetitive workload for medical personnel while enhancing data consistency across systems.


Identification and input of physical examination report
The patient's paper physical examination report is scanned into an electronic file by a high-speed scanner, and then all the electronic physical examination reports are identified and information is extracted by OCR technology. After that, the robot helps the medical staff to input the identified information in the system according to the system requirements.
CTMS system data synchronization
The other data of CTMS system project/central target achievement, dropout rate data, enrollment completion rate, visit report number and other information are synchronized to the local designated directory for saving, and the corresponding data is synchronized and input into other related systems to achieve data synchronization of all related systems to ensure data consistency and timeliness.
Assist EHR file entry
Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems have modernized healthcare systems and created valuable patient databases. However, EHR implementation requires physicians to do more paperwork than ever before, and in some cases, medical staff spend even more time in front of the computer each day than interacting with patients, reducing the efficiency of medical staff. Naturobot helps the medical staff to enter the corresponding data into the HER system at regular intervals, which frees the medical staff from non-medical work.