The existence of enterprises is to create value, and the financial and tax department is the functional management department connecting all the value chains of enterprises. The scope of work covers the fields of statement analysis, general ledger business, fund management, tax operation, order and collection, procurement and payment, expense reimbursement, purchase, sales and cost accounting.
With the help of Naturobot, financial and tax workers break the digital island of the financial and tax system, realize the intelligent processing of a large number of procedural work with clear processing rules, and liberate themselves from tedious transactional work. Deal with things that are really of high value to the company, such as analysis of source and expenditure, help the company better avoid tax risks, assist the company in fund management and risk control, and improve the overall operation efficiency of the company.


Inventory cost management
Enterprise financial personnel need to report the cost financial data of the company to the state-owned assets regulator. Naturoobt realizes the daily automatic collection and allocation of cost data of the head office, branches and subsidiaries, and summarizes it to the financial platform for accounting management, and automatically makes reports.
Fund revenue and expenditure management
The robot realizes the process automation of centralized payment for compensation review, automatic reconciliation, automatic aggregation of payment data for registration, and three-order matching between business documents and transaction details.
Asset management
For large-scale enterprises, huge assets, financial business personnel work pressure, prone to data omission, work cumbersome errors and other issues. Naturobot can realize the automation of asset card entry, asset demand summary, asset inventory check and other processes.
Expense reimbursement management
After automatically summarizing the reimbursement needs of various departments and filling in documents, Naturobot automatically reviews the financial documents of various departments and processes the results.
Ticket tax management
Realizes the automation of clearing statement printing, input invoice checking authentication, tax declaration, input and output difference processing, electronic invoice downloading and matching and other processes.

Automation Effect

100% improvement in accuracy
Ensure the accuracy and compliance of fiscal and tax processes, reducing the risk of manual intervention and illegal operations.
Labor cost savings of 70%
The robot realizes the automatic processing of the fiscal and tax process, and works 7*24h uninterrupted, saving a lot of labor costs for the enterprise.
Work efficiency increased by 450%
Naturobot automates the tedious manual processing process, and also supports the data acquisition of multiple financial and tax systems to reduce information islands and improve work efficiency.