Cloud-native Architecture

Naturobot is based on the architecture of B/S (Web/Server) cloud deployment. User can implement automation workflow creation and management in browser.
That allows naturobot to be controlled on any platform and saving great amount local hardware space.
Cloud-native Architecture

Enterprise-grade SaaS services

We provide high-quality enterprise SaaS services, including standardized SaaS product admin center, with permission allocation, role management and enterprise center management capabilities, which meet the business needs of different types of organizations.
The SaaS service is highly flexible and customizable, providing comprehensive and effective solutions to meet growing business needs and challenges.
In addition, our enterprise-grade SaaS services have a high degree of security and reliability which ensure the security and confidentiality of enterprise data.
Enterprise-grade SaaS services

Enterprise-level online and localized deployment services

Naturobot can be deployed on various kinds of OS. We can capture and record elements within different systems and software. And robots execution can be invoked from WeCom/Dingtalk/Lark liked 3rd-party Colloboration Platform
Enterprise-level online and localized deployment services

Beyond visualization:
Highly user-friendly process building experience

Powered by low-code and zero-code automation creator, user can create automation application so easily with drag and drop on canvas.
Beyond visualization

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