As an important participant in the capital market, the securities industry has made a great contribution to the national economy. In the daily business, a large amount of basic data has been accumulated in the customer system, middle system and back-end service system, such as online trading system, marketing system, account management, call center customer service system, unified risk control platform, asset management system, TA system and so on.
Naturobot can analyze and process securities trading data, provide the basis for investors and traders to make decisions, and can also monitor and predict the securities trading market. In summary, automated applications in the securities industry can improve trading efficiency and accuracy, reduce operational costs and risks, and provide better services and support for investors and traders.


Account opening business
Every day, the robot automatically screens the customer's materials and enters the system, so as to realize the full automation of the account opening process. It greatly improves employee productivity, improves the speed of business execution, and reduces the error rate caused by manual operation.
Public opinion monitoring
Naturobot assists the risk control department to confirm public opinion, query sensitive words in transaction records, generate daily risk control monitoring reports, collect email replies in a fixed period of time, and collect those who do not reply in time.
Valuation treatment
The robot automatically splits the data according to established rules and enters it into the valuation system. It reduces the workload of the staff involved in the valuation post and improves the accuracy of the data at the same time.
Clearing data processing
Naturobot will automatically input and count the liquidation information according to fields and formulas, and send it to the relevant person in charge for data confirmation.
Financial Information Release
Naturobot assists the financial media department to realize the automatic entry of financial information into different systems for publication and ensure the timeliness of news.

Automation Effect

Work efficiency increased by 250%
Automated tools can effectively improve the work efficiency of securities personnel and reduce repetitive and complicated work processes.
Reduce human risk by 80%
There are a lot of data entry, check, analysis and other work in the securities industry. Automated tools operate according to preset rules to ensure consistency during data entry and accuracy during data checking and analysis.
Stable, safe and controllable
Automated tools log each step, support human takeover of errors, and are available for auditing.