With the advent of 5G era, the emergence of new data streams such as AR/VR, from operators to service providers, the competition in the telecom industry is becoming increasingly fierce. Automation tools have become an important grasp for operators' strategic digital transformation.
Automation tools can make it easier for telecom companies to manage their back-office operations and the processing of numerous repetitive, rule-based tasks. It can effectively reduce operating costs, bring higher efficiency and accuracy for telecom work, improve customer experience, and improve customer satisfaction. At the same time, it helps to free up front and back office employees from these repetitive tasks, so that they can complete higher value-added work.


Information Input
The robot can integrate data from different systems across platforms, and automatically input customer information into the CRM system. At the same time, it can automatically handle subsequent business operations according to the preset.
Customer Service
The robot provides cross-system automation of business processes for customer service staff, including 7×24 hours robot customer service, knowledge base query, automatic statement search, business opening, invoice and other business processes, so that customer service staff can focus more on serving customers.
Data matching
Naturobot matches the identity of the customer with previously known research data and performs automatic verification.
Quality report
Naturobot automatically prepares error-free quality reports, ensures that all standards are met, and promptly notifies the relevant department heads by email when deviations occur.

Automation Effect

Labor cost savings of 88%
In the telecommunications industry, there are many jobs that need a lot of repetition, and the use of automation tools can simplify many repetitive jobs, save labor costs for enterprises and optimize work flow.
Implementation costs are reduced by 70%
The use of automated tools by telecom companies is a way to benefit multiple times from one investment, without hiring too many people to carry out related work, so it is a low cost and high return way.
99% increase in customer satisfaction
Among many tasks in the telecommunications field, database management and customer service management, purchase order management and IT infrastructure services can also quickly improve customer service satisfaction.