Manufacturing customers operate numerous systems, and handle substantial business volumes, generating and transmitting large amounts of data daily, with demands for timeliness and accuracy. Naturobot enables flexible rule configuration tailored to business needs, ensuring timely and accurate data transmission. This significantly enhances work efficiency for our customers.


Order processing
Naturobot can automatically download POS and EDI data, convert the data format, and enter it into the company's relevant system to realize the automation of ordering business, and associate inventory deduction, delivery, production instructions, etc. It can not only reduce labor costs, improve efficiency, but also effectively avoid human error.
Purchase Order (PO)
We can automate order creation and validate order data. By completing the data extraction, the purchase information in the PO system is automatically adjusted, the order creation time is shortened, and the number of orders completed can be greatly increased.
Bill of Materials (BOM)
We can realize the automatic creation of product information and the entry of related data information. It not only improves the work efficiency, but also ensures the accuracy of the data.
Supplier management
Naturobot will carry out "background investigation" on the newly introduced suppliers to websites such as Qichacha to determine whether the suppliers meet the supplier warehousing standards. At the same time, carry out periodic "background investigation" on the introduced suppliers, and timely synchronize the results to the corresponding business personnel to ensure that all the imported suppliers meet the warehousing standards.
Inventory management
It is difficult for manual workers to monitor and manage inventory in real time, find material missing and send orders in time, which will lead to the untimely delivery of orders, thus affecting the entire business chain of the company. Naturobot can obtain the relevant system data in real time and control the inventory of all products. When the quantity of a certain product is low to the safety inventory, it can automatically log in to the procurement system to complete the corresponding purchase order and submit, and the procurement staff will purchase the product in time after confirming the error, so as to ensure that the inventory quantity of all products is relatively stable and safe.
Warehouse entry matching and data entry
The manufacturing industry has a large number of goods entering and leaving the warehouse every day, and the inventory and data entry of the system occur repeatedly. Therefore, it is difficult for manual workers to ensure that all documents are consistent with the input data in the whole process. Therefore, high-speed scanners are introduced, combined with OCR technology for document identification, and Naturobot automatically input the identification data into the corresponding system to reduce the probability of work errors. Improve the efficiency of the warehouse staff.

Automation Effect

The success rate of order matching is 100%
Order matching automation can achieve fast and accurate order matching, improve trading efficiency and accuracy, reduce trading costs and risks, and also improve the transparency and fairness of the market to provide better services and support for investors and traders.
Work efficiency increased by 98%
Realize the real-time monitoring and data analysis of the production process, optimize the production process and production plan, improve production efficiency and production quality, improve the efficiency of the manufacturing staff, and save energy for the enterprise.
300% faster response time
The improvement of enterprise response speed can process orders, customer feedback and complaints faster, solve problems in time, improve customer satisfaction and reputation, so as to increase the number of orders and sales, realize digital management and information construction, improve management efficiency and management accuracy.