MCN and TMT is kind of new industry from traditional media industry. It's also one industry with great potential. With the rapid development of big data and artificial intelligence, MCN shall have more opportunities and higher growth.
It could sharply reduce your work by using 3rd party data analysis tools. Relying on the professional data mining and analysis capabilities from Naturobot, much more manual jobs could be replaced by automation workflow. Including but not limited to : Hot video trends analyzation on Tiktok, YouTube and other social media platforms; Exploring data from popular MCN related data platforms; Grab information from multiple websites and help to achieve traffic monetization.


Commodity Data Overview
Combined with user needs, it can obtain commodity information in batches according to screening conditions, including inventory and sales information, calculate accurate data according to demand, realize data information sharing in the process of product production and supply, and realize the optimization and improvement of industrial structure transformation.
Live Streaming Data Analysis
Through the automatic (with or without API) process, Naturobot can monitor the live broadcast in real time, customize the required data, clean, organize and transfer it to the online/local table for convenient analysis after the meeting, and also set the rules for specific values. Once the threshold is exceeded, the alarm will be triggered immediately to inform the relevant personnel.
Video Batch Processing
Through automation technology, Naturobot automatically obtains a single video and multiple videos and covers (watermarking can be removed), and transcribe the audio in the short video in text format to text, improving the efficiency of content operation and reducing labor and time costs.
Business info observation
Ensure that the wechat of KOL is continuously displayed in the background of XINGTU, and notify relevant personnel in time for follow-up in special cases.

Automation Effect

70% manpower savings
The robot will operate automatically in strict accordance with clear rules, obtain data automatically, reduce a large number of tedious and repetitive manual processes, and liberate operation manpower.
The repurchase rate increased by 55%
Automatic statistics of popular goods/video data, optimize and adjust business plans, and realize data-driven operation.
Cross-system collaboration
On the premise of maintaining the smooth operation of the existing IT system function of the enterprise, Naturobot connects multiple systems non-invasively, helps the enterprise quickly realize the system interconnection and data access of the business system, and automatically extracts and enters data.