Human resources are one of the most important resources of enterprises, and personnel administration is an important means to manage these resources. Personnel administration through the development and implementation of various human resources policies and regulations to ensure that enterprises can recruit, train, manage and retain excellent employees, so as to improve the competitiveness of enterprises.
Choosing a suitable HR automation tool can make management more simple and efficient, and at the same time, it can work 24/7 to realize the automation of entry/exit management, employee information management, salary management, etc., saving enterprises from tedious and time-consuming HR workflow. This can not only liberate HR from tedious tasks, but more importantly, allow HR to set aside more energy in employee retention, promotion and other more complex work, while improving the accuracy and efficiency of management, and reducing the company's personnel costs to the greatest extent.


Recruitment management
There always be personnel turnover in enterprise. Recruitment robots can quickly distribute recruitment information, resume recovery, automatic greeting, notification interview, offer generation and distribution, realize automatic recruitment management, reduce manual operation, and improve talent recruitment rate.
Employee information management
The employee management robot spans a number of different database systems and automates the operation of employee information entry, personnel file update, academic verification and other processes, simplifying the process, improving efficiency and ensuring accuracy.
Attendance and Compensation Management (HCM)
The robot automatically summarizes the attendance data of employees and checks it according to the changes of fair labor standards and daily overtime regulations, automatically calculates the salary, forms the details, enters them into the salary system, and automatically sends them to the corresponding employees for verification, ensuring 100% accuracy.
Staff Service Development
The robot automatically sends training notifications, automatically reviews all kinds of leave applications and travel expense reimbursement documents of employees, and automatically replies to all kinds of HR policy consultations of employees in 7×24 hours.
Automated academic certification
Before a new employee comes on board, HR needs to confirm the educational information of the incoming personnel and other related back-checking work. For the educational information part, HR can automatically log in to the through Naturobot and verify the verification code to enter the website, and then query the educational information of the incoming personnel and automatically judge whether it is correct, and then inform the corresponding results to HR. Improve HR efficiency.
Automated salary calculation
The salary of each employee in a company is different. Before the salary is paid, the company needs to calculate and input the attendance, performance, commission, five insurance and one fund of all employees into the corresponding various systems. Complex and repetitive work is very prone to errors. Based on these rules, salary calculation and automatic entry can be automatically carried out by Naturobot at regular times every month. and robot can also log in the bank system for unified wage payment, and automatically generate salary slips and send them to each employee through email.

Automation Effect

Frequency of use 75 hours/person/month
Local UI instructions + cloud API instructions dual-mode hybrid orchestration, achieving 100% access to enterprise systems.
Increase approval efficiency by 300%
It reduces the cost investment of human resources in non-critical touchpoint work, simplifies the operation process, reduces human errors, improves the accuracy rate, and makes employees feel the importance and attention of the enterprise, which greatly strengthens the willingness and motivation of employees to create value for the enterprise.
100% processing accuracy
The reimbursement process is accurate and compliant, reducing the risk of manual intervention and illegal operation, and enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises.