The e-commerce industry is facing the challenges of diminishing traffic dividends and intensifying competition. How the rapidly growing e-commerce economy reshapes its growth and seizes opportunities has become the key to sustainable development! In the fiercely competitive e-commerce sector, there is an increasing need for precision management.
Naturobot streamlines and connects various aspects, including data monitoring, product management, order management, financial management, tracking competitor dynamics, and customer service. It breaks down information silos within enterprises, interlinks different systems, efficiently handles complex and repetitive tasks, saves labor costs, helps employees enhance work efficiency, and improves overall enterprise effectiveness.


Customer service message operation
Naturobot achieves 7×24 hours of online service, realizes batch sending of payment reminders, praise reminders and other related messages, and inputs the results into the form, which facilitates operational audit, improves the timeliness and conversion rate of the message, and reduces the cost of enterprise manpower and time.
Order flags/markers
According to the order number, flag type and flag planting remark information in the form, the order management robot automatically inserts the flag and remark information to the order, which improves the operation efficiency and reduces the labor cost and time cost.
Commodity information acquisition
Naturobot assist operators to automatically obtain the data of competing products on each platform, effectively react to the changes of data in a certain interval, and plan the subsequent development of related projects with the help of data to provide reference for promotion decision-making.
Commodity evaluation public opinion monitoring
The public opinion management robot assisted the operation students to automatically find all the evaluations, including negative evaluations, and automatically input them into the Excel sheet for unified summary of information, and the operation students answered and processed.

Automation Effect

The accuracy of the explosion increased by 60%
The robot carries out benchmarking analysis on exploding competitive products, saves 83% of data processing time, quickly responds to market changes, and makes operational strategies.
Customer service response speed is 100%
Naturobot improves the efficiency of customer service reception, realizes the automation of e-commerce operation process, and is on duty for automatic reception 7X24 hours a day.
80% time savings
Through automatic operation, Naturobot can truly solve the pain points such as tedious, time-consuming and low efficiency of manual operation, and help improve the operational efficiency of e-commerce by more than 10 times.