Supply Chain


As an essential component of the national economy, the logistics industry is a comprehensive service sector that integrates transportation, warehousing, information, and more. It plays a crucial role in promoting industrial restructuring, transforming economic development, and enhancing the competitiveness of the national economy.
The logistics industry is in essence labor-intensive. Coupled with intricate business processes, important tasks often require a lot of manpower and time, such as data entry, waybill processing, and handling abnormal parts.
Naturobot helps assist businesses in achieving cost reduction and efficiency improvement while facilitating the quick establishment of data transfer channels between systems. It can also improve business data processing logic based on specific business scenarios.
Supply Chain


Automatic shipping
The robot queries the goods to be shipped from ERP and generates logistics orders, generates waybills or orders in the logistics provider's system, and sends emails to the relevant logistics operators in abnormal cases. Users only need to pay attention to abnormal conditions and adjust the logistics order, which greatly reduces the workload and ensures the accuracy of data.
Inventory monitoring
Logistics inventory usually needs to be regularly monitored and maintained by manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that there are enough goods to meet customer needs, but manual statistics are frequent and inefficient. Naturobot is able to monitor inventory levels in real time, notify relevant personnel via email in time to replenish, purchase, and provide real-time reports to optimize inventory requirements when inventory is low
Logistics management
Automatic logistics management through Naturobot realizes automatic matching and entry of documents, improves operational efficiency, avoids human errors, reduces delivery delays, eliminates cargo backlogs, and improves customer experience.
Automatic customs declaration
When the employee's mailbox receives the shipping notification email, it will automatically log in the MIS system to export the shipment data, integrate and generate 15 kinds of documents (report form, invoice, packing list, manifest, driver's paper, etc.) according to the rules, and log in the relevant system to input the cargo information for declaration.

Automation Effect

100% improvement in task accuracy
Robots can replace manual repetitive and tedious work, reduce manual intervention and avoid problems caused by manual errors, and improve task accuracy to 100%.
Customer response rate increased by 80%
Employees reduce a lot of tedious work, can respond to customers in a timely manner, and improve the customer response rate to 80%.
Improve enterprise ROI
As a digital employee, the robot can replace manual repetitive work for 7×24 hours without interruption, which saves a lot of labor costs and improves the input-output ratio of the enterprise.