With the widespread advancement of the Internet, many processes in the retail industry (CRM and sales and distribution, materials and inventory, procurement, orders, employee management, financial and cost control and other related management work) have room for optimization. Automation system can effectively maintain the supply chain of the retail industry, control and improve and optimize business processes; at the same time, it can save costs for retailers and improve service quality.
The demand for informatization in the retail industry extends from the initial financial field to front-end sales analysis, and begins to expand to the value chain in all directions. Real-time procurement, tracking of inbound and outbound, marketing strategy follow-up, and sales data feedback gradually form a sales closed-loop and positive feedback operating mechanism, and automation tools are the key to promoting industry digitization.


Supply and demand planning
Based on customer demand for a particular product or service, we can automatically create supply plans by collecting data, standardizing data, simulation, and other such activities to make data-driven decisions for asset management, customer support, supplier management, and capacity management. It can reduce the impact of human error.
Customer Service
By simulating manual operation, Naturobot can automatically query the information required by the customer in the system and send it to the customer, so that the customer service staff can save more time and cost.
Data processing
According to the sales information, Naturobot can automatically input and generate sales reports to provide data support for return merchandise, promotion and other decisions. Effectively improve staff productivity while providing real-time analytics to help retailers perform more effective analytics to maximize sales opportunities.
Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Naturobot can deal with supply-chain related affairs in Excel, and directly transmit the processed data to SAP to realize the automation of logistics and supply chain, and monitor the inventory situation and order logistics status in real time. When there is an exception, it will send an email to the relevant responsible personnel in time for processing.

Automation Effect

100% effective use of human resources
Robots can assist enterprise employees to deal with a large number of repetitive and regular basic work, and enterprise employees get rid of many tedious tasks and can focus on higher-value work.
Work error rate reduced by 80%
Robots can reduce human errors, because each process is a unified step for automated operation, it can effectively reduce the error rate and improve the accuracy of data.
500% faster response time
Naturobot can work uninterrupted, accurately understand customer intentions, respond to customer needs in time, and automatically reply to high-frequency inquiries, bringing good service experience to customers and effectively improving the repurchase rate.